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Steve Nison, CMT

Steve Nison, CMT and inductee in the Traders Hall of Fame, is uniquely qualified to help you fully exploit the opportunities candlestick  charts present to today’s markets. As a renowned author and speaker, he has the distinction of being the first to reveal candlesticks charts to the Western world. Mr. Nison is not only the acknowledged master of these previously secret candlestick techniques, but is also an expert on Western technical analysis with over 30 years real world experience.

His work has been highlighted in The Wall Street JournalWorth MagazineInstitutional Investor and Barron’s.


Ken Calhoun

Ken Calhoun, president of Daytrading University and TradeMastery.com is an internationally published trader who’s earned industry awards for his professional trading systems. He trains traders on how to trade using breakouts and gaps using swing & intraday real-time trading techniques. A former corporate statistician and quality engineer, he’s traded millions in stock & ETF trades and brings a wealth of real-money trading experience to the markets.

Ken has been featured in CBS Marketwatch, MoneyShow, theStreet, Equities, Active Trader and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.


Value-priced at just $97 for the entire THREE-Hour downloadable HD .wmv high-resolution video course to keep forever! We’re confident that you’ll want to order your video course, too — the strategies you’re about to learn can help your trading, fast.



  • Using Steve’s all-time favorite candlestick signal and how to use for breakouts for swing and intraday trading


  • Strategies for improving success by using golden crosses to ride the longer term trend


  • Getting price targets using Steve’s favorite measured moves


  • How to quickly know if it is a valid or false breakout


  • Learn the two simple questions to ask to forecast if support or resistance will hold. Knowing this will allow you to trade potential breakouts before they occur.


  • Candles are mostly used for reversals. Learn the secret strategies to use candles for momentum trading.




  • How to trade with ‘Acceleration Ramp’ price-action breakout signals (these can help you easily spot the strongest moves).


  • Using momentum ‘cup & candle‘ patterns to find the best trading entries (plus how to avoid false breakouts).


  • How to Enter & Exit breakout trades like a professional, using position sizing, dynamic stops and scale-in ‘sequential trades‘.


  • Top Scanning success strategies: How to trade 52-week highs while confirming with ATR and ADX signals for strong breakouts.


  • Discover how to develop a ‘Breakout Success Plan’ to find, trade and manage your trades visually with ‘trade mapping’.


  • How to simplify your breakout trading process to save time while entering and exiting the best easy-to-find trades each week.




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iconblu2“I have never traded Breakouts, in the past I have only entered trades on pull backs.” – George K.


icongrn2“I have follow Steve Nison for his candlestick analysis and Ken Calhoun for his entry & exit strategies for last 2 years. Now with the combination of these strategies, I can learn a superb trading system that can enhance my trading profits…” – Ashraf E.

iconblu2“I think its very good idea, you two are very professional and pleasant and i like to see your webinars” – Ronen


icongrn2“Always interested to hear how others trade sucessfully.” – George F.


iconblu2“I would like to learn how to spot potential breakouts before they happen.” – Kathy F.


icongrn2“The last piece in my investing puzzle” – Linnie C.


iconblu2“I anticipate learning a lot and improving my break out trading skills in this webinar, your education is very professional, thank you” – Mike S.


icongrn2“I have been looking for something that could help me make more informed choices- looks like I may have found it.” – Meenakshi S.


iconblu2“What I want to know is how to differentiate between fake breakout and real breakout” – ckho


icongrn2“Your educational material is always top notch. I see no reason why this topic should be any different.” – John D.


iconblu2“Ken Calhoun will be using actual charts… flawless victory, boom” John L.


icongrn2“Sound’s interesting and pretty awaiting webinar.” – Nicolas


iconblu2“this will be an explosive combination. the volatility of the markets have up for a while…the knowledge of these two gurus would make it easy to bank profits in these volatile markets” – Ricky M


icongrn2“this is the part of trading where my success rate is…” – Gopalan


iconblu2“What I like about” breakout Secrets” is that it”s cutting edge!!!!!! Yahoo!…Thanks, Guys…etc.” – Christopher W.


icongrn2“I like being prepared with the 1-2 punch to beat the markets” – Kyle S.


 iconblu2“seems like an interesting trading course.” – Fred G.


icongrn2“I have never had a handle on how to determine and properly trade breakouts.I am sure your webinar will shed some light on the topic.Thank you.” – Steve L.


iconblu2“Looking forward to learning from two experienced and successful traders how to trade break outs thus making me a better trader.” – Joe C.


icongrn2“these guys are real traders” – Jeff J.


iconblu2“More great training coming from the 2 best teachers in the industry” – James K.


icongrn2“Both candlestick analysis and Ken Calhoun entry & exit strategies. When do you hit the “go key”!” – Gerald B.


iconblu2“learning from “The Dynamic Duo”………” – Craig G.


icongrn2“I am following Steve Nison candlestick analysis and interested in seeing it combined with Ken Calhoun breakout secrets. ” – Xavier C.


iconblu2“My interest is swing/core trading….using candles for entries and exits/stops.” – Rollo P.


icongrn2“Breakout Secrets should add another tool in my investing tool-box – look forward to this webinar.” – Dimitrios T.


iconblu2“Putting together the two best educators in trading.” – Paul K.


icongrn2“chance to learn something new, be a better trader” – George B.


iconblu2“Would like to learn more on the trading technique from the two heavyweights.” James T.


icongrn2“Placing these two experts together for a webinar, what an inspired idea, really looking forward to learning a lot!!” – Tony H.


iconblu2“Trading techniques that I have learned from you in the pass have worked. This should just further strengthen my strategy.” Steve C.


icongrn2“In the trading room, Ken has shown consistently, how well these techniques work, trading live.” – Michael K.


iconblu2“This should get me another tool for my tool box for better trading” – Don


icongrn2“seek to learn better ways to distinguish between real breakouts & fakeouts” – Sunil R


iconblu2“Your trading techniques have been very good especially for risk management purposes.” Kiran P


icongrn2“Two legendary stock market professionals working together, it can’t get any better.” – James D


iconblu2“hello Ken, I am currently reading Steve’s book, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, as I am an active trader, Nison’s book is very helpful” – Jim C


icongrn2“Want to see how candles and breakouts work together” – David B.


 iconblu2“Breakouts are hard to find in this choppy market. Ken and Steve are the best people to help find those breakout due to their extensive knowledge.” – Phillip B.


icongrn2“Steve showing us his favorite candlestick, Ken’s top scanning strategies and the fact we can download the webinar.” Jim W.


iconblu2“Ken And Steve, What is your favorite Candlestick pattern and/or signal? And what is the context in which to use it ?” – Jamie S.


icongrn2“I am interested in how to identify Breakout trades and avoid false signals from professionals like Steve N. & Ken C.” – Mike W.


iconblu2“How to distinguish between a breakout and false breakout?” – Ken V.


icongrn2“combine candlesticks with cup pattern” – Kwok H.


iconblu2“This is a very good idea, will help so many traders and new students” – Kewal K.


icongrn2“The dynamic duo, winning combination,no nonsense approach to trading” – Vic S.


iconblu2 “I want to learn how to trade breakout with momentum. This is one of the sweet spot in trading.” Yeo BP


icongrn2“To discover new technipues for breakouts” – Nikos K


iconblu2“Learning from two masters at once? The road to success just got shorter!” – Jake B


icongrn2 Breakout Secrets will be fun to see..Come hammer or star, You will go far, With Breakout Secrets as the key.


 iconblu2“Two great history making traders discussing East and West trading Breakouts is a can’t miss. ” – Larry D.


icongrn2“Find an edge on break-out trades.” – Gabe C.


iconblu2“I have seen them together before and they complement each other well. They wait their turn and don’t interrupt each other but keep it exciting.” – Tara N.


icongrn2“I love the fact they are teaching a visual system without the need to purchase patented indicators!” – Ross F.


iconblu2“Looking forward to learning “Breakout Secrets” from Steve Nison and Ken Callhoun” – Edward B.


icongrn2“The best combination of Trading skills and strategies with candle sticks” – Kris T.


iconblu2“The possibility of becoming more confident with pulling the trigger on a breakout candle instead of feeling like I need to wait for a pullback, which often doesn’t happen, or makes the investment too late! ” – Jeff A.


icongrn2“I am very happy to watch your breakout secrets” – Palanivelrajan K


iconblu2“Guru is guru. Learning from two masters, what we need…” -Sarvjit S.


icongrn2“Fake out or Breakout. Let’s find out from the experts.” – Bill H.


iconblu2“Thank you for opening breakout secrets, to prepare us to be better traders.”- Rita


icongrn2“combine best of breakouts with best of candlesticks” – RB


iconblu2“Excellent Idea. Breakout fails many times when it is not evaluated based on Candles, Size of Breakout and Volume. learning from these both masters who will show how to trade breakouts based on some valuable signals and how to minimize loss and increase gain.” Mukesh C.


icongrn2“lets get deep into breakout secrets & breakaway from false breakouts” – Prasanna


iconblu2“Breakouts can be tricky; will the price movement continue (post-breakout) or pull-back? Learning how to determine the validity of a breakout would definitely would be helpful.” – Samson K.










icongrn2“i’m very curious to see how these two market geniuses are going to meld their talents . even better yet, how much more money will i be able to take in.” – Steve K.


iconblu2“I have seen you Ken, working your magic with “breakouts”…but really keen to understand how you and Steve Nison combine your skills. Cheers” – Kris W.


icongrn2“hopefully pick up new leads on being a better trader” – Bernard S.


iconblu2 “Would like to learn what the secrets are for the breakout trades.” – Alo


icongrn2“Simple to follow and implement” – GM


iconblu2“I would like to learn how to spot potential breakouts before they happen.” – Henri P.


icongrn2“Like the idea of using breakouts to trade options if there is a strong combination of indicators.” – John


iconblu2“I would like to learn the latest breakout strategies and breakout techniques that apply to current markets from Ken and Steve” – Rabee S


icongrn2“Will be good to learn something new on breakouts. Never really feel confident if it will be a real breakout or a fake out.” – Tim V.


iconblu2“Bringing different approaches together to analyze the market” – Carrie G.


icongrn2“I like the idea of using the signals that Steve Nison uses.” – Rajaan B.


iconblu2“I like the idea of being able to easily identify a valid or false breakout because I often trade fake outs and lose. I’m looking forward to learning.” – Tiffany J.


icongrn2“how to find false break outs?” – Rajashekar M


iconblu2“This will help me to be more selective in my trades.” – Mike F.


icongrn2“I want to learn the difference between breakout and fakeout” -N


iconblu2“Hi Steve and Ken, For me, it’s hard to make the difference between a true breakout and a fake breakout. I will appreciate to get the knowledge to analyse breakout and to recognize the true ones. Best regards.” – Gerald B.

icongrn2 “How to quickly know if it is a valid or false breakout” – Pierre K.


iconblu2“an opportunity to learn a system that consistently generate money and build wealth” Mui G.


icongrn2“I would like to learn how to spot potential breakouts before they happen.” M.Y.


iconblu2“I welcome this idea since I am a breakout trader. I am looking forward to learn more breakout strategies to add to my trading tool box.” – Dudley M.


icongrn2“Will help learn how to trade the breakouts and candle patterns” – Lore B.


iconblu2“I like to trade breakouts but don’t have enough knowledge on early set ups. Also would really like to know at what point they fail (or are about to fail) and correct measured moves would be very helpful. many thanks” – Pete


icongrn2“I trade options and usually stay away from breakouts because I cannot tell if it’s a “falling of the roof” setup or not. This is a topic I definitely want to learn more about. ” – Naresh J.


iconblu2“I like the idea of being among the first to identify a breakout.” – Amanda A.


icongrn2“Excellent and well thought out.” – Paul M.


iconblu2“I sell too soon–need to know when to take profits, and hope this seminar will help” – Robert P.


icongrn2“learning from 2 masters” -Al


iconblu2“Everything. I need to repeat it several times to let everything sink in. All good, Thanks.” – Calvin S.


icongrn2“This combination of two industry leaders presenting their ideas will always be worthwhile.”  – BW


iconblu2“So glad you both are doing this webinar! I have been caught time and time again with false breakouts so will be glad to attend!!” – Debbie N.


icongrn2“They can actually show us How to get in High probability trades…!!” – Chris B.


iconblu2“I’ve come to trust Ken over the past year and am very excited to watch him work with Steve – the guy he mentions more than anyone. Really looking forward to it.” – Sue A.


icongrn2“Breakouts with high volumes are quite dependable.” – Ashok A.


iconblu2“Ken and Steve are the best and want to teach you why and how to make money! ” – Judy N.


icongrn2“All strategies are clear, concise, and easy to understand. No double speak…clearly defined levels for stocks that are in play!!!” – Isaac W.


iconblu2“Combining strategies can only make a better more successful system. Count me in.” – Bob K.


icongrn2“Steve and Ken providing a confluence of East and West strategies.” – Stephen C.


iconblu2“We all have a little knowledge which is dangerous, I want the bigger knowledge of combining Ken’s strategies and Steve’s candle recognition for safer entries and exits.” – Andrew S.


icongrn2“Fill in gaps in my knowledge of these techniques (mediocre pun intended)” – Richard O.


iconblu2“Ken and Steve are not only great traders but great teachers as well. Looking forward to their seminar.” – Timothy D.


icongrn2“I trade stocks, futures and forex and almost always I lose the start of the breakouts and after this I lose the beginning of the swing …. I am very interested to understand how to pick the real not the false breakouts.” – Catalin B.


iconblu2“There’s always more to learn and Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun are THE BEST ONES to learn from!!!” – Michael P.


icongrn2“I look forward to increasing consistent profits with enhanced breakout strategies.” – Mura M.


iconblu2“Looking forward to learning from the best about trading breakouts. Usually trade retraces and would be great to learn to trade breakouts” – Joe M.


icongrn2“The comments of two experts on this subject.” – Konstantinos F.


iconblu2“I am a huge of of Steve and Ken and to see them teaching in one venue is awesome ” – Scott C.


icongrn2“Being able to have a strategy to enter and exit for larger ROI.” – Al K.


iconblu2“These are two outstanding professional traders and educators from whom I’ve already learned a great deal. Can’t wait to learn more!” – Jerry N.


icongrn2“I hope to learn more about breakouts to improve my trading strategy. ” – Steve N.


iconblu2“How can you tell if the break out real or fake ?” – Lionel T


icongrn2“Need to learn how to filter out false breakouts.” – Jerry B.


iconblu2“Looks like a real good way to trade for consistent profits.” – Terry O.


icongrn2“Steve’s reputation and Ken’s Saturday webinar prompted me” – Victor J.


iconblu2“Ken’s technical analysis is the best, and combined with Steve’s candlestick interpretations, I think this will be a great webinar!” – Barry S.


icongrn2“Always interesting and enlightening when Ken and Steve do a webinar!” – Dennis S.


iconblu2“Another opportunity to learn from the Best” – Ron C.


icongrn2“I would like to see how to distinguish true from false breakouts, without increasing the stop excessively.” – Rick Q.


iconblu2“Quite a duo. Hope you will discuss a lot of “breakdown” approaches… Thank you.” – Vin K.


icongrn2“Ken teaching style is one of the simplest to understand. Im excited about upcoming webinar.” – Vlad S.


iconblu2“Steve’s superior knowledge on candlestick interpretation and Ken’s gap continuation and acceleration ramps, and 45 degree trend analysis to get an edge in making better trades” – Brock


icongrn2“You are learning from the best guru’s in the business” – Melvin C.


iconblu2“It is great to have the chance to listen to these two experts to use candlestick pattern to find breakout trade” – Vallon


icongrn2“With the Nasdaq breaking out, this is a great time for your webinar!” – Michael N.

iconblu2“combining candlestick signals with breakout strategies sounds powerful. And a great combo of instructors.” – Kay M.


icongrn2“I was anxious about buy higher and end up losing, instead of sell higher for profit.” – Tou K.


iconblu2“great training from two highly skilled professionals” – Robert F.


icongrn2“its only the price that matters for breakouts…” -Prakash


iconblu2“fantastic idea to learn from two of the best in the industry, it is a no-brainer! But what I can’t figure out how do these men get so good, they are almost superhuman at what they do.” – Edwin P.


icongrn2“I am very curious to see how these two highly experienced world traders are going to teach me the Breakout Secrets…” – Santokh R.


iconblu2“Steve & Ken make me relate by pointing out common trading mistakes that traders make. It gives me a greater understanding of “what happened?” Great to have those two detectives on my side.” – James W.


icongrn2“Interested in how to avoid false entries and set good time and price targets.” – Thomas B.


iconblu2“Been on a previous webinar with Ken and Steve… still watch it, still taking notes.” Domenic Z.


icongrn2“Two good people sharing their information. I have tapes from both of them.” – Phyllis S-W.


iconblu2“Nothing like Learning/Be Taught by Two of the Finest, Well Respected, Gentlemen in the Trading Game. East and West. Can’t Wait.” – Damon K.


icongrn2“Steve is known as the Candlestick guru…” – RH


iconblu2“Trading techniques –when to enter and exit a trade.” – Sharon


icongrn2“Like a boss…Ken shows actual charts and not power point slides”


iconblu2“It seems to me that to be able to recognize successful breakout is the only game in town.” – Mike V.


icongrn2“I think it is a great idea especially coming from the two of you” – Ron G.


iconblu2“Hello, My goal is to avoid false breakout if it’s possible. I hope it’s possible with two professionals.” – Danielle


icongrn2“How to set-up trades.” – Thomas J.


iconblu2“I’m looking forward to learning the secrets of trading breakouts by the top two traders in the industry!” – Lisa L.


icongrn2“Steve Nison candles are wonderful” – VPS



iconblu2“I like the idea because I am a day trader but I don’t always get to look at the market everyday so I would definitely like to be able to easily be able to identify and trade a breakout on the days I am able to trade.” Darlene H.


icongrn2“is it applicable intraday small time frame?” – Ratan



iconblu2“Can never really get my break out trades to work so hopefully this will show me where I’m going wrong” – Andre S.



icongrn2“I like Ken’s upbeat no BS approach to the market.” – TJ



iconblu2“What I want to know is how to differentiate between fake breakout and real breakout. ” – Henri P.


icongrn2“I am really interested to watch this webinar. ” – Munkhbat T.



iconblu2“The momentum has to be correct for the breakout. If the market is oversold and I am looking for a break lower it will probably be false and visa vera. Determining this would be 1st prize.” – Jan DF


icongrn2“when to enter a trade” – Richard B.



iconblu2“There are two trading systems I know viz: breakouts and swing trading. Breakouts occur about 80% compared to swing trading. A good grasp of breakout from two very experienced legends in the business will enhanced my trading.” – Raphael


icongrn2“I have not yet watched it, but will. Anything from Steve is good.” – Gertraud



“I’d like to locate high probability opportunities with limited risk.” – Ray T.


icongrn2“Ken, Can’t wait! You are always on the cutting edge when it comes to trading the markets.” – Perry S.


iconblu2“Amalgamating two wonderful trading talents to listen to them imparting their respective wisdom to the rest of us!” -Graeme M.


icongrn2“How to get in at the right time,” – Mohammad M.


iconblu2“Good training from two highly skilled professionals” – Koorosh K.


icongrn2“They are really cool patterns.” – Steve R.


iconblu2“I would like to feel more confident as to when to get in breakouts” – Ramona H.


icongrn2“Always ready to listen and learn from you both.” – Rita B.


iconblu2“It sounds like a good idea if it can show traders the nuances between false breakouts and true breakouts.” – Mike M.


icongrn2“Haven’t been able to watch, .want to see this one” – George P.


iconblu2“Just wanting to know more about fake breakouts.” – Shankar S.


icongrn2“… trader must be in control of their fear, greed, and ego at all times” – Leszek


iconblu2“I like the idea because i have been fooled so many times by false breakouts” – Fay F.


icongrn2“Precision and ease of execution” – Ajay K.


iconblu2“Would love to avoid false breakouts as they cost too much money.” – Joseph G.


icongrn2“To avoid fake anything is great. Hope it works.” – Neal B.


iconblu2“The webinars are always amazing to learn new approaches and tips. Looking to learn about breakouts.” – Paul N.


icongrn2“Both are great teachers and know how to share their knowledge with other traders” – Ahmed Z.


iconblu2“Of course, breakout. Identifying it better will help my trade entry.” – Jey D.


icongrn2“let’s see the secrets !!!!! – Rob


iconblu2“With the challenging markets we currently face, I welcome the opportunity to learn new strategies from two established experts.” – David R.


icongrn2“Hopefully, it will help me become rich” – Steve S.



iconblu2“I always get trapped when there appears to be a breakout, but as soon as I enter, the stock reverses (almost to the penny).” – John


icongrn2“I want to know more about fake brakeout” – Pius T.



iconblu2“I always miss the breakout and wait to long to get in” Roger V


icongrn2“Steve Nison’s success with candlestick trading methodology.” – Gordon K.


iconblu2“the possibility of making significant directional moves when it breaks…” – Daniel M.


icongrn2“The step by step process to breakout secrets.” – Paul Y



iconblu2“Two of the Best to learn from..” – Turhan S.


icongrn2“Learn to trade in a profitable manner” – George B.


iconblu2“It is very important to know how to differentiate from breakouts that work vs. those that …dont work.” – Jen R.


icongrn2“I have never considered focusing on breakouts. I’m looking forward to learning a new profitable technique!” -Jim S.


iconblu2“Excited to get a break to learn Steve’s and Ken’s “Breakout Secrets”!!!” – Yogesh J.


icongrn2“New to Trading. Always looking for more knowledge.” – David T.


iconblu2“I am sure that this will be excellent webinar.” – Arvi M.


icongrn2“I want to know more about fake breakouts” – Rishabh G.


iconblu2“Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun are the breakout trading experts to learn from. I have been a long time follower of both and take any opportunity that they offer to participate.” – Mark K.


icongrn2“success, that flash back does not occur and destroys the set-up..” – Alf


“First I like both of the instructors. Second I know Ken trades cup breakouts so will be great to see more , and I have 2 of Steve’s courses so I know his contribution is going to be great” – Mike S.


icongrn2“The presentation of 2 pros at work” – Ron C.


iconblu2“how often can you observe two legends sharing their thoughts?” – Bob P.


icongrn2“Learning how to recognize false breakouts” – Dan R



iconblu2“I like the best the idea of learning to distinguish valid breakouts from the false ones. It is the most important skill when trading the breakout strategy. ” – Silvia R.


icongrn2“Developing a new way to succeed.” – Gary L.


iconblu2“I am interested in learning more about trading successfully” – JR


icongrn2“where to place your stop loss.” – Toddy F


iconblu2“two extremely great educators, when they speak…listen, you will learn and absorb the material” – Phil F.


icongrn2“Sounds like useful information from two prominent individuals in trading education.” – Arnold P.


iconblu2“Like to learn how to trade breakouts.” – Kathy F.



icongrn2“Qualifying breakouts is tricky and I am looking forward to the guidance of these traders.” – Stan G.


iconblu2“If you want to learn from the pros, look no further. Enroll NOW in this course.” – Kenneth S.


icongrn2“learn the enter and exit during the breakout ” – Anton


iconblu2“When these two guys come together , I already see quality education” – George J.


icongrn2“Would like to know all about Breakout Secrets with Steve & Ken ” – Errol S.


iconblu2“Always interested to know & learn how the legendary traders trade successfully.” – Zafifi N.


icongrn2“I always enjoy what Steve has to offer in his webinars. I always walk away with some gained knowledge which helps me with my trading.” – Karl S.


iconblu2“The team of Steve and Ken and their knowledge.” – Roger C.


icongrn2“hoping to find a new technique which will help my trading” – Bernard S.



iconblu2“Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun are my two favourite teachers for trading.Any webinar with the two of them has to be a great learning tool.” -Deanna D.

icongrn2“liked the tips given they are useful and easy to follow” – Padma


iconblu2“Looking forward to hear what Steve and Ken have to say to improve my own breakout strategy.” – John P.


icongrn2“The ability to always advance one’s trading skills is invaluable.” – Rex A.G.


iconblu2“How to use breakouts effectively. I am currently using this strategy” – Ricardo



“I just finished the candlesticks express class. It would be interesting to learn how to trade breakouts.” – Hong L.


iconblu2“Avoid entering false break out and know they identify” – Gonzalo S.


icongrn2“(would like to learn) filters to enter the trade” – Grace E.


iconblu2“I like how this allows you to trade non-trending markets, would give an advantage.” -Liz D.


icongrn2“The fact that it is about breakout trading – the simplest type of trading, which happens over and over during the trading day.” – John M.


iconblu2“What do you do when the candle of the breakout is black (close lower than open)?” – Frank V.


icongrn2“this is good education for start” – M.O.


iconblu2“breakdowns are just as important as breakouts. do you cover those too?..” -Pat F.


icongrn2“very good idea to educate new comers and traders” – Kewal K.


iconblu2“Excellent idea, for a course. I know it was mentioned that this applies to day and swing trading, will these techniques work across longer timeframes?. I have always liked Steve Nison, I do believe this course will be excellent.” – Mark D.


icongrn2“I would like to find out true and false breakouts.” – Uday


iconblu2“Always interested to know more about breakouts.” – Karl M.


icongrn2“use more practical strategy to make trades” – Mike T.


iconblu2“Looking forward to learning from the true experts.” – Leonid V.


icongrn2“How to trade breakout and make sure its right break ?” – Alaa M.


iconblu2“Really looking forward to learning Breakout ideas” – Don



icongrn2“When two great minds combine their wealth of experiences…” – Gbolabo A.


iconblu2“What better way to learn breakouts. Combining the Chart Master with the Candle Master for the perfect blend to learn the signals to make profitable trades. It’s like adding Mentos to Diet Coke!” – Stan D.


icongrn2“These two experts always have unique and interesting trading insights to present. It should be exciting!” – David S.


iconblu2“In every webinar both Steve and Ken provide a concise breakdown of how to understand market action and how to use that information to learn to improve your trading.” – Richard T.


icongrn2“…I just think it may give me an edge in trading breakouts…” – Morris O.


iconblu2“Learning how to avoid false breakouts, set realistic price targets and scale into positions after a breakout would go a long way toward improving the win/loss ratio of the breakout system that I follow.” – Carl C.

“Ken and Steve tune Strategy on breakouts with chart signals and candlesticks.” – James S.


iconblu2“Great Breakout ideas from two of the best traders in the industry” – JL


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